Wedding of C&D Grosvenor Hotel Shaftesbury Dorset

Last weekend I was at the Grosvenor Hotel in Shaftesbury for a wedding, and this is your usual Sneak Peek of the day… only this time this is all you’ll see!

Because last weekend’s couple have requested they do not have their images shared online.
Which is, of course, absolutely FINE.
In these days of oversharing, it’s easy to think you are *expected* to have your wedding photographs all over the websites of your photographer, your florist, your venue… And it can be a fun, exciting thing to see yourself pop up in your own news feed.
But never be afraid to say ‘No, thank you’.
Over the years I’ve had a small number of clients request that their wedding images remain private. Sometimes the wedding album is behind a password in the online gallery, and sometimes it’s absolutely no images online at all.
And that’s *always* okay.
I don’t need to know why, there’s no need to explain – to make such a request you will have a personal, specific and excellent reason, it’s your wedding, and you get to decide.
Naturally I love to show off your weddings, and legally I always own the copyright. But it would be a pretty foolish thing for me to insist on showing a couple’s images if they weren’t on board with that.
Obviously most of my couples go the other way; they’ll ask to be tagged in, and love to be shared across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. And I love to oblige!
But don’t be afraid if you can see your photographer has a busy social media feed – it’s always okay to request that you don’t star in it!


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