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I am a Dorset wedding photographer, with a special love for the joyful chaos of photography on a wedding day. I have over 20 years experience of being a professional wedding photographer, and I am known for my distinctively relaxed unobtrusive style (with a definite sense of humour!).
I trained and worked on film. And though I have the best digital equipment at my fingertips these days, old habits die hard.
I still watch. I still wait. I still try to tell a story every single time I press the shutter.


Every image you see on this site is a real moment from a real wedding, captured as it happened.

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Every picture above tells a different story; each was taken at a real wedding, with no posing, assistance or set up by me. This is how I work: as your Dorset wedding photographer I don’t believe in stage-managing your wedding.
I prefer to simply catch the moments of your wedding day as they happen around me. Your wedding photography in Dorset should be all about you – your personality, your love, your happiness. Of course it’s my job to create beautiful, emotional wedding photographs, but with experience and skill this can still be easily achieved whilst keeping your wedding photography natural. I won’t be asking you to stay still and smile. I won’t rearrange your dress, or insist you tilt your flowers at the perfect 47ยบ angle, or hold up your day in order to ‘get my shot’.
I’ll simply watch, wait… and capture all those real moments of genuine character, personality and love that happen at every single wedding. And hopefully make you laugh along the way.

Dorset wedding photographer review

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