Gallery of Wedding Images from Dorset Wedding Photographer Courtenay Hitchcock.

I’m a wedding photographer – but I’m also a storyteller, and every time I press the shutter I try and show that moment. Take a look through my gallery – I do very few set formal poses on the day, 95% of my imagery comes when the subject is unaware I am photographing them.
The images you see in this gallery all have a story to tell, and all were taking as the moment happened – nothing staged, nothing set up or posed, this is weddings as they happen.

Of course there are a few family formals which every couple wants, and for a brief interlude in your wedding day we will escape together for a little break in order to catch some quiet moments with just the two of you.
Otherwise, I simply step back and allow the day to unfold around me, capturing all the memories that will bring the day alive not just for you but for your children and grandchildren.

I am Courtenay, the Dorset Wedding Photographer, and I have a strong reputation for my style as a relaxed, informal and fun wedding photographer, creating stunning and emotional storytelling images of your wedding day in Dorset, Somerset & Wiltshire.