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Congratulations to Sandra and Andy who have a magnificent four page spread of their wonderful fairground wedding at Sopley Lakes as a real weddings Dorset feature in this months ‘Your Hampshire & Dorset Wedding Magazine‘.

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Sandra and Andy’s wedding, was a whirlwind day. They got married at Highcliff Castle in Dorset in brilliant sunshine then popped down to visit the beach for some photo opportunities. They then jumped into their beautiful cream yellow 1959 Cadillac wedding car and sped off to Sopley Lake for all the fun of the fair! There were side shows a plenty, coconuts and shooting ducks to name a couple; Also food stalls with fabulous treats from all round the world, homemade brew served in jars set off with red candy striped straws, popcorn and candyfloss, and a fab double decker bus pub. Oh and let’s not forget an oompah band and a full brass band and of course the piéce de resistance a full sized fairground Dodgem car track…wow!

Sandra and Andy’s first dance was to ’99 Red balloons’ …. and then quick as a flash they were off!! Out of the marquee with everyone in hot pursuit, grabbing on the way, yes you guessed it, 99 red balloons! Running to the dodgems the 99 balloons were let loose to the evening sky and Sandra and Andy grabbed a bumper car to finish their first dance!

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