Grand Hotel Swanage Wedding of Leanne & Mark


Saturday the 25th June 2022 I spent a lovely day with Leanne and Mark at the Grand Hotel in Swanage.

This was more than just a wedding, for Leanne and Mark this was just as much about family. Together for 25 years it never really seemed to matter that they hadn’t got that piece of paper telling them they were married. To all intents and purposes they were already joined, and their beautiful daughter Molly is testament to that. But the last couple of years with COVID had changed the landscape with both families suffering loss. Leanne and Mark decided that although in their eyes they were all but married, they wanted to make if official, to firm up their commitment to each other and for Molly.

So Saturday was a celebration of family, an underlining of commitment and remembering those past and present that had shaped their lives and this journey that had brought them to this moment.

Congratulations to Leanne, Mark and Molly with the next step of your journey together.

Here are just a few images from the day …

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