Olive Bowl Dorset Wedding of Zoe & Dan

Last Saturday I wasn’t travelling far; Zoe had opted for me not to be there for her morning preps so I started my day at St Nicholas’ church in Henstridge to catch the arrival of the guests. Just as I arrived the heavens opened with a tremendous thunderstorm right overhead – I do love a massive storm, and wild weather is exciting to photograph, but I’d prefer not to have lightning striking a bride or groom! Thankfully it quickly passed over and by the time the guests began to arrive the skies were clearing, meaning Zoe and her Dad could walk from the lychgate with her attendants without worrying about the rain.

It was a nice touch on the day that the Vicar marrying Zoe and Dan actually married Zoe’s parents in the same church twenty nine years ago!

With the service complete and Zoe & Dan husband and wife at last we opted to take the few formal photographs at the church – unusual for me, but I knew the opportunities at the reception venue would be very limited so it seemed best to take them while I could.

We also stopped on the way to Gillingham to take advantage of the beautiful Dorset countryside for some quiet shots with just Dan & Zoe, grabbing our chances while we could as the weather was closing in and looking threatening once more.

Once at the reception venue the guests enjoyed a few pre-dinner drinks before the wedding breakfast. Speeches followed, and soon the evening guests were arriving and it was time for Zoe & Dan to hit the floor for their first dance as husband and wife.

Just before it was my time to take my leave, I managed to sneak the happy couple outside again for a few quick shots to end the day.

Congratulations Zoe & Dan!

bride prepares for church service
bride and father enter church
bride and groom exchange vows
newlyweds during register signing
bride heads back to the alter
happy couple take first kiss
happy couple leave church
guests & family await the happy couple
bride and groom walk through confetti
bride and groom enjoy a quiet moment
happy faces enjoy each other
romantic moment together
dancing in the mirror
newlyweds enjoy first dance
dance floor selfies
happy couple enjoy some fresh evening air
happy couple enjoy a little time away from the crowd
end of a lovely day

Credit where due!

Wedding cake – Helen Chesterman     Flowers – Read & Russell     Decorations – Novia Events

Wedding cars – R&R Elite

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Olive Bowl Wedding

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All the details from Zoe & Dan’s Wedding at Henstridge Church and then the Olive Bowl in Gillingham Dorset …

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