Springhead Trust Wedding of Clare & Andy

I’ll be frank – I love a Springhead Trust Wedding. It’s a wild and secretive place full of charm, perfect for relaxed rustic weddings full of character, a private wedding venue in Dorset tucked into a hidden valley.
Below is a real wedding story of a recent Springhead Trust wedding – it’s Clare & Andy’s big day.
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I watched the weather forecast before last Saturday’s Springhead Trust Wedding with more than usual interest – the wedding was in Fontmell; a gorgeous location very close to me. In the planning it had sounded brilliant – a totally outdoor wedding, planned with Bohemian laid-back style. My perfect kind of day.
Except, this being England, the weather decided it didn’t want to play, and the forecast was for rain. And more rain.
The closer we got, the heavier the rain was expected to be.

Sure enough, Saturday dawned grey and damp, and looked set just to get soggier.

I arrived at Springhead to find all the preps underway; Clare didn’t want me for her bridal preps, so instead I caught up with the change in location (ceremony had been moved from the beautiful Italian Rotunda by the lake to be in the Upper Floor of the millhouse, and recorded the arrival of the umbrella-bearing guests.

Before long the bridal party was assembled, with Clare’s four adult bridesmaids wearing simple dresses in rich navy, carrying summery posies with lemon highlights.
Clare herself looked amazing in a vintage turn-of-the-century wedding gown, with high collar in rick lacework over the sweetheart neckline of the under-bodice. Her bouquet, like all the flower arrangements on the day, was a pretty collection of english flowers grown by themselves and their family.

Andy waited nervously for Clare to walk down the aisle, and Clare also became emotional as she approached him, but with a few laughs they soon relaxed and the there was a big round of applause as they completed  their vows.

Naturally it was still raining as they left the Upper Floor, so Clare and Andy led their guests straight around the lake to the marquee – the guests all asked to pick up their chairs and bring them with!

The marquee looked bright and cheery despite the weather, thanks to the yards and yards of brightly coloured bunting festooning the ceiling and the similarly bold coloured flowers on the tables, lighting up the gloomy afternoon.

The guests gathered in the shelter of the marquee for drinks and canapés, and thankfully before long the rain eased up to allow the few formal photographs of the family down by the lake. Clare and Andy and I also grabbed our opportunity for a quick stroll through the gardens around the lake, finally getting to see a little of the grounds that Springhead is so famous for.

And we were just in time – as we headed back to the marquee the rain started again!

The wedding breakfast was a huge buffet supplied by the 29029 restaurant, with large dishes of curry for everyone to serve themselves.

Speeches followed, and then amazingly the sun appeared for a short while, finally allowing the guests to get outside and enjoy the gardens  – and for a seriously professional-looking game of frisbee!

The guests were all called back to the marquee for a fabulous Lindyhop session, the American jazz dance lesson being taught Clare & Andy’s friends who were guests. Everyone joined in and learned some moves; what a great way to spend an hour of a wedding!

A small pause to catch their breath, and then Clare & Andy took to the dance floor alone for their ‘official’ first dance, wowing the crowd with their dance moves before everyone joined them to dance through the evening – I know a pizza van was showing up later, and then there was to be guitars and singing round the firepits in the wee small hours but sadly it was time for me to head off and leave them to enjoy.
Springhead’s a beautiful place, and it was shame that the rain stopped the wedding party enjoying it as they should. But it just goes to show that a great day can still be had regardless of what the weather decides to do – what a fun wedding it was, Clare and Andy.

wedding vows at Springhead Trust Wedding
Springhead Trust Wedding cermeony room
rainy wedding at Springhead Trust Wedding
in the woods at Springhead Trust Wedding
bride and groom at Springhead Trust Wedding
Springhead Trust Wedding gardens
down by the lake at Springhead Trust Wedding
amongst the flowers
marquee accross the lake at Springhead Trust Wedding
bride and her umbrella at Springhead Trust Wedding
back to the marquee
bright coloured bunting covers the marquee
brides speech
best mans speech
cake cutting time
frisbee time
Lindy Hop Lessons
first dance
groom dips the bride
guests on the dance floor
party time

Credit where due!

Venue – The Springhead Trust (a rural centre for creative & sustainable living)

Delicious Food! – 29029

All other details were homegrown or homemade, by family and friends!

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Springhead Trust wedding

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All the fab details from Clare and Andy’s lovely wedding at the Springhead Trust in Fontmell Magna Dorset ….

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