Stockbridge Farm Barn Dorset Wedding of Rosi & Nick

Last Saturday was Rosi and Nick’s wedding at Stockbridge Farm Barn near Sherborne in Dorset. The weather behaved (fabulous, especially after the previous weeks’ downpours), which is more than can be said for the CD player! The wedding procession had to be put on hold for five minutes whilst the more technically minded amongst us gathered round the iPod and mini hi-fi to see why the entrance song would only play for ten seconds before cutting out! Obviously no one from Apple or indeed Sony in the house, so plan A was abandoned and a car was brought up to the back door of the barn!

Barn door open wide, iPod plugged into car stereo, car door open, and volume ramped up…and what do you know; we had us a bridal procession!
So, all’s well that ends well, and I guess you could say it added something to the whole proceeding, it certainly provided a laugh, calmed a few nerves perhaps, but without doubt it will definitely be a talking point for many a year to come!

The rest of the day I can say went without any other incidents other than everyone had a great time, as hopefully the few images I have chosen from the very many will show, so without further ado … enjoy :-)

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bride drinks beer as hair is done
cream vintage bus which toddler boy watches
large bridal party walk together
cure pageboy against wooden door
happy groom sees bride
beautiful photograph small bridesmaid in front of large wooden barn doors
interior of stockbridge farm barn
bride grins at groom as she arrives at fornt of aisle
emotional groom cries making bride cry
bride emotional and cries during vows
mum cries as she watches daughter get married
bride kisses groom during marriage ceremony
bride and groom greet bridesmaids happily
stockbridge farm barn wedding
funny bride lifts skirt
three bored men at wedding
funny toddler and dad walk at wedding
bride groom kiss
broide groom walk
bride funny at barn wedding with guests
interior of stockbridge farm barn during wedding
excited toddler at wedding
groom admits defeat during speeches
bride laughing and pointing
adult bridesmaids line up in barn wedding
five adult bridesmaids in orange
sweet first dance clinch

Rosi & Nick’s Wedding inspiration board, all the lovely details from the Stockbridge farm barn wedding in Dorset.

wedding inspiration board orange summer theme

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