Kings Arms Pavilion Dorset Wedding of Lianne & Rick

Last Saturday saw me heading back to the Kings Arms in Christchurch for the wedding of Lianne & Rick. The traffic was horrible, and even though I wasn’t covering preps, just ceremony onwards, I was worried I wasn’t going to even make that on time! Thankfully I made it, found a parking space (at the other end of the town – apologies Saturday shoppers for half-running through you!) and made it to the pavilion bang on time… to find no one there.

I walked over the road to the hotel, where I met Rick who introduced me all round. Then as things were running late I popped upstairs to see if Lianne wanted me with her for the last-minute preps after all. I was greeted with a massive welcome, and I joined the fray – it’s been a long time since I was in such a busy bridal prep scene! Lianne was with the bridesmaids of course, but also the make up & hair ladies, the children, mums were coming and going… frantic fun, just as I love it. I made myself as useful as possible (you’d be amazed at the professional veil and dressing skills I’ve picked up over the years), and before long everyone was ready to head downstairs.

There was no stress, as the lovely registrars were absolutely fine about the 20 minute delay, and the walk across the road in the gorgeous autumnal sunshine couldn’t have been more perfect. I do love the Kings Arms Lollipop,  stopping the traffic for the Bridal Crossing. :)

The couple have two children, and they were firmly involved in the wedding – Lianne’s oldest was ringbearer, and did a wonderful job of a reading, whilst the couple’s toddler stole the show when he insisted on being with mum & dad during the ceremony. In fact it’s been a long time since I was a at a wedding that had so many children present, the youngest that I saw was only seven weeks old! They were very much a part of the whole day, creating the warm atmosphere of a real family affair.

Once Liane and Rick were officially husband and wife we all headed out into the lovely grounds of the pavilion for drinks and a few quick formals. I whisked the couple off to make the most of the sunshine and we had a quiet meander up to the castle, down to the river, and then we rejoined the guests at the Priory (part of the kings Arms Hotel) for another drink before everyone headed upstairs for the wedding reception.

The room was atmospherically decorated with simple candles and fairylights, and speeches after the meal were particularly emotional. Finally everyone gathered to see the family cut the cake – not just a husband and wife affair, in keeping with the rest of the day the cake cutting very much involved both the boys!

Finally it was time to go back downstairs where the DJ was lining up the first dance, and I finally left as the dance floor filled and the evening got started.

Thank you Lianne & Rick – it was a wonderful day and I loved being part of it.

bride getting ready
bride and her little boy
bridal party ready to go
bride and dad walk to ceremony room
bride and father enter pavillion
flowergirl tickles father of the bride
groom considers his options
proud parents look on
family wedding vows
exchanging rings
dads and their kids
happy couple alone
newlyweds on the pavillion veranda
romantic alone time
bride and groom laugh and relax together
time for a walk
down by the riverside
romantic kiss in the autumnal sunshine
wedding reception at the kings arms priory
Grandad does the entertaining during speeches
best man speech time
bride and groom toast
bride and groom head downstairs
happy couple take first dance

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Kings Arms Pavillion Wedding

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