2021 Weddings – book now.

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Obviously the 2020 weddings have all been deferred (many to next summer), so 2021 dates are set to be in high demand. Next year is going to be a GREAT wedding year :)
So – pricing. The big question! Pricing is where everyone flicks to first (oh come on, I know you just did…).” btn_style=”a-btn-3″ button=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fwww.courtenayphotographic.co.uk%2Fcontact%2F|title:Get%20in%20touch||”]

All Weddings include:

  • Wedding day coverage (well, duh!)
  • All images hand processed and edited
  • Digital copy of all your images, print-ready for you to use as you wish, as well as social media files ready for sharing.
  • Private online gallery where your guests can register, browse and download
  • Beautiful movie slideshow of your day

How Much a 2021 Wedding Will Cost

  • Wedding Photography prices start from £1250.
  • Hit the button below, and I’ll send over full details of packages and prices for you
  • Book with confidence – pay your retainer now by credit card, and you’re fully covered in case of more global pandemic ‘hiccups’.
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If I have one piece of advice to any couple on choosing their wedding photographer, it is this: let the photography be at the heart of your decision.
It’s such a quick and easy way to compare them, I know. But do TRY not to reduce your list of potential wedding photographers to ‘what do we get with it’.
Because yes, Mr Joe might offer you three albums, a USB stick, 4,000 pictures, a wall calendar  plus your first baby’s christening portraits…. but if you don’t love Mr Joe’s photography, three albums and four thousand versions of them won’t make you love them any better.
If you love the (potentially more expensive) Mr Tom’s photography, then one perfectly curated album made up of five hundred beautiful images are still going to be making you smile when you pull them out for a look on your tenth wedding anniversary.

And that means you’re getting far more real value from Mr Tom then you ever will from Mr Joe.

Remember that you can always come back later to buy the album and all the parent books and personalised calendars you’d like; but you can never go back and change the sheer quality of the photographs taken of your wedding day.

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