Dorset Wedding Photographers Bride Top Tips 2013 – Denise & Mike

Our first top tips for 2013 come from Denise and Mike who had a fabulous Dorset wedding in June at the very lovely Lorton House a fab Dorset Wedding Venue just outside Weymouth.

Here are Denise and Mike …..

Hi Courtenay

We’ve struggled to pick just one favourite photo as we love them all so much!  But we’ve narrowed it down to two.  The first is this one …

wedding in dorset
Dorset wedding at Lorton House, Bride and Groom take a stroll at Sandsfoot Castle

We’ve picked this because we love this photo, it looks timeless and it’s our first proper bit of time together as husband and wife.

The second photo is this one ….

Lorton House wedding Dorset
Bride and Groom sitting on the sofa at Lorton House

We picked this because you could almost put the caption “We did it!!!” to this photo, it really captures the moment when we realised that everything we had spent so many months planning had finally come together….and it was quite a success!

In terms of our top 3 tips for any Brides (and Grooms!) currently planning their big day:

1. Decide on your guest list as early as possible, as this can have a major impact on the budget if your numbers swell further down the line.  You could also discount venues if you over estimate how many people you’re likely to invite.

2. Take extra care in choosing your suppliers for the day, as these are the people you are relying on to deliver your big day exactly how you’ve planned it.  Sometimes it is worth spending a little extra to ensure you are hiring experienced professionals who keep calm under pressure and deal with any mishaps that may occur throughout the day, even if it’s nothing to do with their duties.  Our generator broke down, but luckily we had a fab photographer who saved the day and sorted everything out for us! :o)

3. Remember it’s your day and (hopefully) it’s a once in a lifetime experience.  Even the best laid plans may have the slightest hiccup, but try not to let it spoil your day.  Enjoy every second of it as it goes by SOOO fast, before your know it the day is over.  And when you get a second to yourself during the day, take a moment to look around at all of the people that have come to share your special day with you :o)

And of course, most importantly….make sure you hire Courtenay as he is fab and his photographs will forever invoke the memories of your special day.

Best wishes

Denise and Mike

Thank you Denise and Mike, fantastic :-) Look out for more Bride top tips coming very soon right here on the blog!

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