Wareham Wedding of Maddy & Gareth


What do you do when you have already put your wedding off several times already, and another year is looking like passing you by? Well in the case of Maddy and Gareth you say to heck with it and get married anyway. After all, the getting married bit is the most important part and a large party can be had at a later date, so it’s kind of a good excuse to have another celebration, win, win in my book.

So Maddy and Gareth set a firm date, and said whatever the rules at the time we are going for it. Last Saturday the 1st May 2021 was indeed the big day; with the rule of 15, social distancing still in place and celebrations only to be allowed at venues outdoors in marquees you could say it was a challenge. But Maddy and Gareth and their nearest and dearest took the bull by the horns and made the very best of days, certainly one I’m sure will stay with them forever. Even the weather had its say, with some very heavy downpours and quite a chill in the air, typical after the sunny April we have had too. But nothing could dampen Maddy and Gareth’s spirits and husband and wife at last they became. Even though the happy bunch numbered only fifteen, they made up for it on every count, and all I could see all day was big grins and feel the love in the air.

Whatever life throws at you, love can definitely conquer all, and I’m sure Maddy and Gareth have a lifetime of love ahead of them.

Congratulations to you both.

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