Crown Hotel Blandford Dorset Wedding of Jenny & Thom

Last Saturday I was lucky to stay very close to home, starting my day in the village of Shroton at Jenny’s parents house. I eyed the threatening the skies as I arrived at the house for bridal preps, very aware that heavy showers were soon to burst.

The house was the usual wedding-morning busy, with all four adult bridesmaids, her parents, and the friend who was in charge of hair & make up.
The bridesmaids looked lovely in simple fitted floor-length chiffon gowns in a soft neutral shade, highlighted with a satin sash at the waist. The flowers were loose rustic posies of  English roses in soft vintage pink tones, attractively collected with heads of rosemary, lavender, thistle and gyp – and each of the bridesmaids wore sprigs of gyp in their hair too.

In a nice ‘something borrowed’ touch, Jenny herself was wearing her mum’s wedding dress from nearly 30yrs ago – she had the neckline altered and lace sleeves added, but in essence it was still the same dress. She also wore gypsophilia in her hair, and her flowers echoed the dainty pastel hues of the bridesmaids posies.

I left the girls to their last-minute adjustments and scooted off to the church (Shroton’s parish church of St Mary’s), arriving  just as the clouds burst into heavy thundery showers as guests began to arrive. I finally met up with Thom (we had consistently missed each other in the run up to the day!), waiting patiently with his best man in the church, and chatted to Thom’s two brothers who were ushers, standing at the ready outside with spare umbrella’s to escort unprepared guests through the downpour!

The wedding car was a vintage Daimler,owned and driven by a family friend. Being so close the bridesmaids arrived first, and then the car popped back for Jenny and her Dad; thankfully the clouds had cleared, and the bridesmaids got to wait in a surprise burst of lovely Autumnal sunshine!

The tiny village church was filled, and the atmosphere during the ceremony was incredibly warm, relaxed and chatty – there was a real feeling of friends-together as everyone chatted before the ceremony, smiled through the ceremony, relaxed and filled the church with idle chatter during the signing of the register and then clapped and cheered as Jenny and Thom processed back down the aisle.

Unfortunately the rain was back with intent, so Jenny & Thom loitered in the porch as their guests left out of a side door (making me smile as they popped out one by one like rabbits out of a hat!), collecting confetti and opening umbrellas as they did so.

Once the guests were in place, Jenny & Thom left the shelter of the porch and processed in the rain down the path through the guests’ confetti tunnel, sheltered by the eclectic array of umbrellas!

Typically, the rain eased as they got in the car and left for the Crown Hotel in Blandford! I nipped ahead of the bridal car, and we both arrived before any of their guests; seeing the blue skies we grabbed the opportunity to slip away down to the river for a quiet spell; it was Blandford carnival day and the town was already busy. We knew with the fairground right next door to the hotel the chances for some ‘quiet’ pictures later would be slim to none!

By the time we were back at the Crown, Jenny & Thom’s guests had arrived, the sun had finally scared off the rainclouds, and everyone was able to enjoy the drinks reception in the hotel garden. We easily managed the few family formals in the sunshine, before the guests were invited into the hotel for the wedding breakfast.

Speeches followed the meal – both Dads speaking before the traditional order of Thom and then his Best Man. Speeches were followed by the cutting of the ‘cake’ – which was actually a magnificent pile of whole cheeses, and then everyone moved back outside after the cheesecutting into the courtyard to watch the early evening carnival go past as the room was turned around for the night’s party.
Jenny and Thom lead the way onto to the dancefloor, with the guests quickly joining them to Blue Suede’s ‘Hooked On A Feeling’ for their first dance as husband and wife.
I stayed for a short while as the party got under way, before making my goodbyes and heading into the busy carnival-filled town.

Another lovely day indeed.

bride and father walk to church
at the church door
down the aisle
wedding vows
exit the church man and wife
guests escape throught the side door
guests line the exit to the church yard
confetti mayhem
outside the churchyard
escorted to the wedding car
wedding guests outside the church
some quite time in the sunshine
stroll by the river
under the trees
walk in the sunshine
tunnel of love
drinks reception
evening reception
first dance
dance floor fills

Credit where due!

Venue – Crown Hotel Blandford               DJ – Ruby Tunes

Wedding Car – John Dee (Family Friend)         Florist – Karen Maddison (Family Friend)

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Crown Hotel Blandford Wedding

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All the lovely details from Jenny and Thom’s wedding at St Mary’s Church in Shroton and then the Crown Hotel in Blandford Dorset ….

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Brilliant photos of an amazing wedding.

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