Dorset Wedding Photographers Bride Top Tips 2013 – Lorna & Dave

Introducing today to the blog.. Lorna and Dave. Lorna and Dave got married in September last year at the lovely and unique Dorset wedding venue that is Durlston Castle. Lorna and Dave’s Dorset wedding had a real beach feel with fab stripey deck chairs, windmills and even buckets filled with sand and spades to dig!

Here are Lorna and Dave ……

Hi Courtenay,
Our favourite picture, its a hard one, but this one….

Bride & Groom at the Globe Durlston Castle Dorset Wedding
Bride & Groom at the Globe Durlston Castle Dorset Wedding

Because it includes our fovorite spot (the globe) & looks like its just us & the world!……..(haha just realised that was more cheesy than intended!)

3 top tips:

1. Remember you only get one day so dont compromise on things that are important to you.

2. Its nice to choose a theme for your big day this also makes entertainment & decoration ideas easier.

3. Enjoy every minute of being the bride to be, from the planning to the hen do its not just about the big day, it goes so fast so dont get stressed and remember it all as one amazing experience.

Lorna & Dave  xx

Thanks guys :-)

See you soon for more fab tips.

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