Dorset Wedding Photographers Bride Tops Tips 2013 – Kerry & Brett

Todays top tips come from Kerry and Brett who were married in August last year and held theirr wedding reception at Somerset wedding venue Camely Lodge. Again we were very lucky with the weather and Kerry & Brett were able to spend most of their Somerset wedding outside :-)

Let me hand you over to Kerry and Brett

Hi Courtenay

We have lots of favourite pics….but our ultimate fave is this one ……

Bride & Groom first married kiss outside church at Somerset wedding
Bride & Groom first married kiss outside church at Somerset wedding

(We had just walked out the church and we were both ecstatic to be husband and wife and that is exactly why we love it, as it reminds us of just why we wanted to get married!)

Our hints and tips (apart from asking you guys to sort the photography!!):

1. Beg and borrow! We borrowed lots to help keep costs down and had A LOT of help from friends who dedicated hours and hours of their time and their possessions! I raided my friend’s houses! Main bits I borrowed were hanging decorations, vases, lights etc. and then what you can’t borrow, try to make! I was even restoring things!
2. List after List of to-do’s!! The main list to have is for on the day. We had a list of the “events” in the day such as confetti throwing and throwing your bouquet and a rough guide of what time you are planning to have them! Then give a print out to a Usher so they can organise, as they tend to have the most time free after the actual ceremony. The Best Man is with the Groom, Bridesmaids with the Bride, Ushers are happy to help and are free to watch the clock and remind you of what should be happening when! I forgot to throw my bouquet and really wished I had added it to the Usher’s list as he was so good at reminding me of all the other bits!
3. Try not to choose an emotional song if you have a first dance, as it can make you look miserable in all your pictures, when actually you were just so happy and overwhelmed you looked sad! ha! A happy upbeat song will ensure you are smiling in all your pictures!

Kerry and Brett x

Thank you Kerry and Brett…more fab tips tomorrow :-)

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